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Idrija Miner’s House

Bazoviška 4, Idrija
Target group
Elementary school/1, 2, 3; Secondary school
Date and time
Upon arrangement
EUR 4.00/person
Guided tour

Idrija Miner’s House

By visiting a characteristic Idrija Miner’s House, the students learn about its architectural design, distinctive living spaces and interior equipment. They learn about the way of life of the miners and their families, the way they spent their free time and also about some of Idrija’s culinary specialities, such as Idrija meat-filled dumplings called “žlikrofi”.

Connection with the school curriculum:

Heritage, my town, home and family, life in the past and present, orientation in time, spatial arrangement, history, architecture, UNESCO

Announcing your visit

We recommend you arrange the most appropriate programme form with the museum service when you schedule the visit. This measure additionally provides quality execution of the programme, which will be mutually satisfactory. When arranging a visit, point out all specific wishes regarding the content or time limitation. We will be happy to answer all of your additional questions.