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Franja Partisan Hospital – Distance Learning

Target group
Primary school students
Date and time
Distance Learning

Franja Partisan Hospital – Distance Learning

It is customary for the Franja Partisan Hospital to open its doors on April 1, welcoming various school groups. Sadly, this year will be different as the pandemic has forced everybody to stay at home. For the schools that had planned a visit in these spring months as well as for everybody else, we have prepared materials for home study. Students are invited to watch a short introductory presentation, visit the Hospital’s webpage, and do the worksheet included at the bottom. They can also take a special literary and photographic walk through the Pasice gorge and its surroundings, which was prepared by the Cerkno Elementary School teachers Anica Svetik and Mojca Lipužič Moravec a few years ago (only available in Slovenian).

The program is entitled Franja Partisan Hospital – A Story for All Time, as the story of the Hospital is extremely topical in the current situation. It teaches how important it is to be solidary, to take care of ourselves but never forget others. Staying connected and together we can overcome even the most difficult moments.



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We recommend you arrange the most appropriate programme form with the museum service when you schedule the visit. This measure additionally provides quality execution of the programme, which will be mutually satisfactory. When arranging a visit, point out all specific wishes regarding the content or time limitation. We will be happy to answer all of your additional questions.

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