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Franja Partisan Hospital in Dolenji Novaki near Cerkno

Dolenji Novaki, Cerkno
Target group
Elementary school/1, 2, 3; Secondary school
Date and time
Upon arrangement
EUR 6.00/person
In addition to the entrance fee, groups of young people with fewer than 10 persons shall be charged a guiding service fee of EUR 35 per group.
Guided tour

Franja Partisan Hospital in Dolenji Novaki near Cerkno

During the Second World War, Franja Partisan Hospital ensured shelter to the wounded of various nationalities joined in the fight against fascism and Nazism. Today, it is a cultural monument of national importance and a European Heritage Label holder. It is part of the common heritage of European nations, and most of all a valuable reminder of humanity, nobility and companionship.

Connection with the school curriculum:

Modern history (Second World War), Europe's history, resistance movements, history of healthcare

Announcing your visit

We recommend you arrange the most appropriate programme form with the museum service when you schedule the visit. This measure additionally provides quality execution of the programme, which will be mutually satisfactory. When arranging a visit, point out all specific wishes regarding the content or time limitation. We will be happy to answer all of your additional questions.