Museum Shop

recepcijaTo refresh the pleasant memories of your visit to our museum and keep them from fading, you are invited to visit our Museum Shop and choose from a broad selection of attractive items.

The Museum Shop is located at the reception of Gewerkenegg Castle and at the Cerkno Museum, where you can obtain any desired information about the Museum and accompanying activities of interest to you. Our shop also offers a broad selection of original items: books, brochures, postcards, maps, video cassettes, and souvenirs reminiscent of our town and its immediate surroundings. Besides the famous Idrija lace, you will even find a replica of an exhibited museum item – a cube filled with mercury (Hg) drops, created by artist Jožef Vrščaj.

Key information and facts about individual museum departments are provided in free leaflets, which are also available at the reception desk. More detailed information on a particular topic can be found in specialised publications.

The books sold at the Museum Shop are mostly publications issued by the Museum. These primarily include literature on local history, guides to various sites and collections of the Idrija Municipal Museum, and the works of natives of the Idrija and Cerkno regions.

Articles sold:

Books more >

- monographs, periodicals

Maps more >

- Idrija: town map. Scale 1 : 5000

Postcards with various motifs more >

- typical Idrija figures: lacemaker, tubmaker
- postcards of museum buildings and monuments: Gewerkenegg Castle, Francis' Shaft, Idrija kamšt, Slovenia Partisan Printing Shop, Franja Partisan Hospital
- set of »France Bevk« postcards
- cthe Cerkno »laufarji« - carnival figures

Unique cubes filled with mercury drops more >