Idrijski razgledi (Idrija Horizons)

Idrijski razgledi is a local studies magazine that has been issued by the Idrija Municipal Museum since 1956, and has been published longer than any other magazine in the Primorska (Littoral) region. Initially, it was issued as a quarterly (1956–76), then as an annual anthology (1977–80), from 1981–86 as an anthology, and from 1987 as a semi-annual magazine. For fifty years, Idrijski razgledi has been faithful to the Idrija-Cerkno region, yet at the same time remains open to the rest of Slovenia. The magazine features specialised contributions, reports, presentations, records, memoires, and reviews of books in the fields of history, ethnology, art history, sociology, geography, geology, and natural science. Its literary and art supplement mostly contain the contributions of domestic cultural artists.

Specially recommended:

2003/2: WHEEL OF TIME (11,06 €)
2005/2: MIRROR OF TIME (10,22 €)

Some copies of older issues are available to collectors of rare issues, those interested in local studies, historians, ethnologists, and all publicistic enthusiasts.