Today, the Idrija Municipal Museum is a professionally recognized institution. It is both large and small, but by all means exceptional in comparison with other Slovene museums.

The mission of our museum is the permanent and continuous care of the movable heritage in the Idrija and Cerkno regions in the spheres of history, modern history, ethnology, art history, and technical heritage. This means that specimens are collected in the field, stored, protected, investigated and exhibited. Our responsibility is to promote our institution and heritage in general.

Our endeavours are reflected in the special care devoted to the conservation and presentation of the rich technical heritage of the mercury mine, local history, and the particularities and customs of this region, such as Idrija lace and the Cerkno laufarji (carnival masks). Our intention is to present the way of life of the rural and miner's population, while devoting special attention to the artistic image of our environment, as well as to the care and management of immovable cultural heritage.

Our goal is to enable visitors to recognize the cultural identity of our environment and to help local inhabitants preserve this identity. With its presence, the Museum is co-shaping the present-day cultural happenings in the local environment. We play an important role in education processes, particularly with respect to local history, as our permanent and occasional exhibitions represent a link between history presented in textbooks and the actual remnants of the past found in the field.